Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Review ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8.0

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If you have money on your pocket and you need and desire the most powerful Mac on the market, then there’s no reason not to buy this Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch(see the lowest price). Even though for some of you might be complete overkill, this is an impressive and nearly flawless laptop.


Processor: Intel Core i7-9750H – 2.6 GHz – 6 Cores

RAM: 16 GB

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 555X

Screen: 15.4″

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

OS: Mac OS

Weight: 1.80 kg

Dimensions: 34.9 x 24.1 x 1.5 cm

USB 2.0:    none

USB 3.0:    none

USB-C:      4

HDMI:       none

Ethernet port: no

Backlit keyboard: yes

Drives: no

Separate numeric keypad: no

Touchscreen: no


This is a 15-inch Macbook Pro that comes with an Intel Core i7 processor with 6 cores. It has an SSD(solid-state drive) of 256GB and also 16GB of RAM. You also get a powerful AMD Radeon Pro 555X graphics card. If you want you can also upgrade to better components like a Core i9 processor, up to 4TB of storage and up to 32GB of RAM.

As you can tell by the specs of it, this MacBook is a powerful machine designed with professionals in mind that need performance for editing videos and photos or design projects.

Even though it has a fairly big size and is made of aluminium, this laptop weighs less(1.8kg) than some all-plastic ones. Don’t let yourself fooled though if you’re using this laptop on a regular basis, you’ll need a sturdy backpack.

It’s no surprise that this laptop is blazingly fast and smooth. After all, that’s what you get with all laptops from Apple.

Port-wise you get a headphone jack and 4 USB-C. These USB-C ports support Thunderbolt 3 data transfer meaning that they can provide data and power to high-performance devices. A high-performance device can be a monitor, an external graphics card or a large storage device. If you have devices that need the old full-size USB port or HDMI or another older connector, a multi-adapter from Apple will cost around £75( $95).

The screen has a glossy coating that picks up reflections, but the brightness of it overcomes the glare of the lighting. You also get really bright and accurate colours, this screen being one of the best there is in the laptop industry.

If you’re not working on audio projects you can easily get by with the built-in speakers. They sound amazing and are some of the best to date on any laptop.


In the battery department we have about 6 hours and a half when you browse the internet, and when you play HD video from it’s SSD about 10 hours. Now don’t get me wrong, this are some fine numbers for a laptop this size but if you’re away from the socket it’s not that pleasant.

Usually, laptops from Apple are not made for games. They are made more for professionals that want to work with video, photo editing, audio, 3D work. But despite that, because it’s a powerful machine you can still play recent games if you don’t mind setting the game’s graphics a bit lower.

Even though its wi-fi performance is in line with other MacBooks and you shouldn’t notice it, there is a slightly lower score on the 5GHz wi-fi band.


If the work you do demands it, then you should 100% buy it. On the other hand, if your workloads are not hugely demanding and need to be done in an instant, then you should definitively consider a cheaper MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13-inch.

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